A BLAST FROM THE PAST...      

In the 1980’s I played with a band called UNCLE FRANK.
We got dangerously close to a record deal back then, close but no cigar. Recently, a friend of mine resurrected part of our old demo tape and made some MP3 files.

Here are 2 of my songs, straight from 1982 into the new millennium.

MAX (Just a Guitar)


Though the sound quality on this 3rd song is poor, I'm posting it anyway.

It's my favorite song from that era,
my tribute to my first musical hero, John Lennon.

I wrote this song on Dec. 10, 1980-
two days after he was gunned down in cold blood.

SILENCE (The Blues for John)






It's my pleasure to be recording again with my good friend, keyboardist and songwriter, Phil Flaherty. Our new CD, Stumbles and Falls, will be available soon.

Here's a preview...
A rough mix of one of the songs:



*Special thanks to Jim Raynor, Dean Calabrese, Bob Bowen, John Miller, Bob Keane, Russell Reebenaker, Kevin Atwell and all the other guys who played with me in the bands thru the was a lot of fun and craziness for sure. Also thanks to Harold Sheets and Courtney Meutchler and everybody at the old Atlantic City Recording Studio for the old demo...definitely some fun and craziness there.