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I’ve always been a pretty good writer. I can probably credit the Franciscan nuns for that. In Catholic grade school, you learned to read and write or they beat the crap out of you. I learned two important life skills at St. Agnes School: how to dodge a slap and how to put words together.

When I first posted a website for my art business, I put some blogs on there. People liked my artwork, but oddly they seemed to love the blogs. Needless to say, I wrote a few more. Once again, I got a ton of emails basically saying the same thing; I like your artwork, but write more blogs.

Frankly, I began to wonder if I had missed my calling. Though I do a lot of copy writing in my advertising business, I’ve never really considered myself a writer; a copy writer for sure, but not a writer by its true definition.

All that started me thinking, I always wondered if I could write a book. Three years ago I decided to try. It was hard, but not gargantuan hard. I plodded along, and low and behold in about a year, I wrote a novel.

My mother read my book and told me it was great. No surprise there, but in my artistic defense, my mother is an avid reader. A few of my friends read the book and liked it too. When I got some interest from a literary agent and some encouraging emails from a major publisher, it gave me hope that my novel really was good.

Then, as is the pattern in my life, the publishing deal fell through. The literary agent said an author with a 3 book deal submitted his 2nd book with an Aztec inspiration. The publisher thought my novel, with a lot of Mayan influence, was too close for comfort. I tried other agents and other publishers; once again, I hit the target, but no bulls eye.

In January I heard of Amazon’s Independent Author program. As the name suggests, they publish books for independent writers. It’s a little rough; you have to do all the typesetting and proofreading on your own and then supply your own cover. Fortunately, some of that was easier for me than the average Joe, with my work background.

Amazon has been selling my novel for Kindle as an e-book. People have bought it and read it. About 3 weeks ago, I held a paperback book in my hand with my name on the cover. I have to admit it was thrilling. Within this week, my paperback will be on sale at Amazon too.

I learned a few new things in the process: it is really hard to proof read a book and the modern world has many new options for all kinds of things. Some things I already knew were hammered home: it’s easier to create a product than it is to sell it, and if you want something done, you better be ready to do it yourself.

So, I now consider myself a writer, a real one. I’m proud of my novel. Go over to Amazon and check it out. It's called: The Flavor of Hearts. Like my sister said so wisely, “You don’t have to read it, just buy it.”




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