Born in the very last breath of the Baby Boom in Camden, New Jersey, I sold my first drawing in the 6th grade. It was a picture of a friend at school. When he took it home his mother framed it, hung it on the wall and sent me $5. She said it was "real artwork" and she wanted to pay for it. I have created and sold artwork ever since.


After attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I worked in a succession of offset and silkscreen print shops in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and played the guitar in local rock bands.


Along with the printing industry I went digital in the late 80's and worked on one of the first Mac's. No more waiting for typesetting, no more paste-ups. Unbelievable. I have worked with Adobe Photoshop since it's first release and to this day I consider the things that it does miraculous.


In the mid 90's I officially opened my freelance graphics business: Carol Milazzo Artist. For a select group of businesses I handle all printed matter and advertising in all media. I freelance as a production artist and copywriter for print shops and advertising publications. I sell line drawings and photo illustrations to offset and silkscreen printers.

I still live in New Jersey, a beautiful and unfairly maligned state. I still play the guitar, though not too often anymore at live gigs. Currently I am studying guitar arrangements of the Paganini Caprices for violin with my good friend Joseph Federico, an amazing jazz guitarist and the best guitar teacher on the east coast. In my spare time, I make sculptures in aluminum and mixed media.


This year I am excited to announce the release of my first novel: The Flavor of Hearts.